Two films that explore scavenging behaviors.

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is five experimental films that are intended to create a specific emotional state within the viewer.  There is no verbal narrative that accompanies these films, but the action, the set, the costume, the sounds, and the camera shots are what tell the story. The films are performances made for film. In other words they are created as if the viewers were watching a live performance.

Seekago tells the story of life;  Birth and Death,  Journey and Experience,  Love and Sacrifice,  Survival and Community, and finally Transcendence .  Each film in the series also works independently as an individual piece telling its own story commenting on areas of human and environmental ecology.  The films are Breathing, Asphalt, The Chicken and the Coyote, Feast, and Flight.


FEAST starts with a shot that pulls back to unveil pockets of birds that have collected to feast on the remains of an animal. Bird masks and wings will adorn the performers. Scarcity is abundant and abundance is scarce. All will have food but some will have more scrumptious parts than others.  It’s a line of skills, strength, quickness, diversion, and strategy.  All have their tactics.  The emotional environment in the beginning of the film is of a heightened awareness as there is hunger in the air.  It’s a paralleled world pulling in both the animal and human reactions to the fear of starvation and the will to survive. Eventually all will be fed.  With their bellies full, contentment sets in, which results into a beautiful chorus, celebrating life, and each other.

This piece will be told through movement mimicking the feeding patterns of scavenger birds as well as referencing human feeding behaviors and mannerisms.

people_legsFEAST is a commentary on the importance of a healthy ecology by integrating the human relationship with the natural, social, and built environments through the representation of Scavenger bird behavior tactics and human social feeding behaviors.  Scavengers are an important part of the energy flow of the food chain and an integral part in understanding the community and ecosystem processes.  Scavenger birds have a high tolerance to survive with the ability to digest carrion that has already started to decompose.  However with the loss of habitat, and climate change the biodiversity of these birds is being lost. The birds represented are habitants of California with a specific focus on the California condor.  As it is an example of an unbalanced ecosystem where humans have impacted its environment almost to the point of its extinction.
The other commentary is on human social feeding behaviors, the social dynamics that arise in the community and the family by way of gathering to feast together.  In the human world this performance is a Wake, the celebration of a life passing, giving the physical remains back to the earth and the soul free to pass on.

EveShowBlur from eve warnock on Vimeo.

The last film is titled FLIGHT and is the passing of the bird’s souls into Transcendence.   This scene explores the significance of life but also of the beauty of its passing with an emphasis on the idea of serenity: free of any physical obligations. The emotional environment is one of calm elation.

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